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BIT Inspections for Reliable Commercial Vehicle and Truck Compliance

The Biennial Inspection of Terminals is mandated by the Department of Transportation to ensure the safety of trucks and commercial vehicles. BIT inspection is required every 90 days to maximize motor carrier safety and minimize the number of accidents that happen on the road. 

Here at United Fleet, we take BIT (Biennial Inspection of Terminals) checks seriously because we know they are important for the safety and efficiency of every commercial motor vehicle in the state of California. A properly maintained commercial diesel truck or commercial motor fleet is the best way to keep people, cars, trucks, trailers and other vehicles safe.

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Why BIT Inspections Matter

The safety of your truck fleet is not just a regulatory requirement. Basic inspection on any of your commercial truck is mandated by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to ensure that every commercial fleet is safe and roadworthy. 

These controls are essential for identifying potential heavy-duty issues before they lead to accidents or costly fixing. 

Effective January 1st 2016

California Highway Patrol (C.H.P.) Basic Inspection of Terminals (B.I.T.) are required on all Commercial Motor Vehicles (C.M.V.) with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (G.V.R.W.) of more than 10,001 pounds every 90 days. – Section 34501.12 of the California Vehicle Code

Additionally, all Motors Carriers must have their US D.O.T. number or CA number displayed on vehicle.

What’s Involved in a BIT Inspection?

Vehicle Inspection

As part of our fleet maintenance management services, United Fleet Management BIT inspectors check commercial vehicles and perform vehicle weight rating smoke opacity testing for mechanical defects and safety violations. 

This includes examining brakes, steering and suspension mechanisms, lights, tires and wheels, wipers, and other essential components to ensure they are in good working order. If the vehicle includes connecting devices, upkeep control also checks the chains, drawbars, and all equipment according to maintenance management software.

The control extends to load securement and gross vehicle weight, ensuring that cargo is safely and appropriately secured and transported.

If you have a fleet of trucks, you don’t need to show the records of all trucks or trailers but you will be required to produce the records for a representative sample. 

Driver Records

BIT Inspectors review driver qualification files to ensure that all drivers are properly licensed and trained for their respective vehicles. This includes verifying commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), medical certificates, and records of any traffic violations or incidents.

Maintenance Records

Inspections involve a thorough review of upkeep records. This documentation ensures that vehicles are regularly serviced and that any identified issues are promptly addressed. The inspector can inspect a random truck or vehicle from the fleet to verify proper compliance with regulations and to compare it to the records.  

Hours of Service Compliance

The CHP verifies compliance with hours-of-service regulations, which are designed to prevent driver fatigue. Inspectors check logbooks or electronic logging devices to ensure that drivers are not exceeding the allowed driving hours and are taking required rest breaks. Again, the aim of the inspection control is to ensure that safety comes first. 

Hazardous Materials Handling (if applicable)

For companies transporting hazardous materials, the inspection will include a review of the handling, labeling, and transportation of these materials. Inspectors check compliance with regulations for hazardous materials transportation.

Terminal Inspection

Apart from vehicles and drivers, the physical condition of the terminal is inspected as well. This includes examining the general upkeep of the facility, the storage of equipment, and safety measures in place. The inspection program evaluates the terminal’s grounds to ensure a safe and compliant environment. 

The buildings are checked for structural integrity and compliance with safety regulations.

Storage Areas

Inspectors assess how vehicles are stored to prevent potential hazards or accidents.

Safety Equipment

The presence and proper functioning of safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, are verified.

Waste Management

Proper waste management practices are inspected to ensure environmental responsibility.

Emergency Response Plans

The facility’s emergency response plans are reviewed to address potential motor incidents effectively.

What entails a California BIT Inspection and How to Request One | United Fleet Maintenance

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Our Expertise

As BIT inspectors, we have studied all the specifics and requirements of California’s BIT program. We offer careful inspections of your vehicles and terminals, focusing on critical safety components such as brakes, lights, tires, and other vital systems. 

Trust United Fleet Maintenance for your Biennial Inspection of Terminals

At United Fleet Maintenance, we simplify the inspection processes for you as part of our services. To thoroughly maintain your vehicle, our BIT program includes:

  • Detailed vehicle inspections conducted at your location for maximum convenience.
  • Expert guidance on compliance with California’s commercial vehicle BIT regulations.
  • Assistance in maintaining your vehicle maintenance records; a crucial component of BIT compliance. 
  • Regular updates and reminders for upcoming inspections, ensuring you never miss a deadline on any of your fleet vehicles.


Call us today 530-490-8836 for your expert heavy-duty truck repair, mobile truck repair, and diesel truck repair, along with BIT inspection assistance near you in the California area. Schedule your BIT control and experience the peace of mind that comes with partnering with United Fleet Maintenance, your expert in California!


Commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds or vehicles used in a business requiring a commercial driver’s license need to undergo a BIT inspection.

For most commercial vehicles in California, a BIT inspection needs to be scheduled annually.

You can get a BIT inspection done at certified inspection stations across the state, including our company’s authorized facilities.

Before, vehicles must meet specific requirements outlined by the state, including proper functioning of brakes, lights, tires, and overall compliance with safety regulations for commercial vehicles.

A typical it usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle’s size and condition.

You’ll typically need vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and maintenance records showcasing regular servicing and repairs.

Yes, a regular inspection usually focuses on general vehicle safety, while a California BIT inspection specifically evaluates commercial vehicles for compliance with state regulations and safety standards outlined for business-related transportation.

A BIT inspection must be conducted by a certified professional at authorized inspection stations. Self-inspection is not accepted for compliance purposes.

Sure, we can help by ensuring that all vehicles are well-maintained and by repairing any mechanical issues. We also help you keep thorough and up-to-date records of vehicle maintenance and driver qualifications. Finally, we can help you conduct internal audits and inspections to identify and address any potential issues before the official final inspection.

Failing a BIT control can result in penalties, including fines and the need to undergo additional inspections. The company will be required to address and rectify all identified issues within a specified timeframe. Continuous non-compliance can lead to more severe penalties, including the suspension of the ability to operate commercial vehicles.

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Sasha Lopez
Sasha Lopez
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This place is incredible from Nina in the office, makes everything so easy and comfortable. to Josue Cardenas he is fast and reliable. He explains everything so you understand what is going on. If they have any problems they call you right away to let you know. I have been here 3 times for my RV, this is my go to place and I will keep going back. I suggest this be your first place to go you will not regret it.
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Patrick Giles
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Short Notice, they took my trailer the same day and said they would be able to look at it in a week. Joseue called me a couple days later and told me he did. He made sure everything worked to its potential and called me to get the trailer. It was a day before they said they would be able to look at it. It thought it was going to cost like $500 but it was only a couple hundred bucks. Great service and awesome value.
Gustavo Conrique
Gustavo Conrique
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Got locked out of my car outside of Walmart. One of the guy that works for this company stopped to help us out and was able to unlock it less than 5 seconds. Didn’t get to ask for his name but shout out to him! Thanks again bro- Blue Mustang🚙
Leigh Klettke
Leigh Klettke
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How fortunate were we to have Josue service our broken 5th wheel leaf spring. Timely, courteous, fast and efficient. Thanks for being there for us! Sacemento, CA to Washington State thereafter no problem.
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Kaylee S
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We travel full time for work and currently staying at an RV Park in Woodland. Our 5th wheel has had a couple of issues pop up and each time we’ve called they’ve been prompt on response, quick to come out, and professional. Their prices are also very reasonable. We will continue to recommend them!
Kulvindar Singh
Kulvindar Singh
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Fixed our MT52 Bobcat. Great customer service and job well done.Highly recommend.
Dianne Terwilliger
Dianne Terwilliger
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I can’t recommend United Fleet Maintenance highly enough! These guys are wonderful, and I will be telling everyone I can about them! I was dead in the water so to speak, I just started living in my RV when my batteries stopped holding a charge. My fridge wasn’t working, no lights, etc. I called Camping World and they were trying to recommend people from the Bay Area. I knew I would rather have someone more local and when I called these guys and they said they worked on RVs I was so happy. Josue came out and figured out it was my controller and even suggested a work around for me until the part came in so I was actually able to get back up and running (with the work around) right away. Then he came back with the part and I am so very happy. This is what the service industry used to be, and with UFM it is again, people who are happy while they are there with you, have a smile on their face and really care about helping you. I think my problem was probably pretty small, I think Josue could fix almost anything and he loves what he does. I will use them again and recommend to everyone.
chris klingele
chris klingele
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Reliable and honest mobile mechanic. Josue knows his stuff. From doing regular maintenance and DOT inspections to diagnostic repairs on my diesel trucks, dump trailers, wood chippers, stump grinders, and skid steers - Josue gets it done and backs all of his work. Nina breaks up my billing so I can track repair expenses for each piece of equipment. They are so easy to work with its unreal! Thank you Josue and Nina!
Abbie B
Abbie B
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Professional and on time. In a world where trailer repairs are backed up for months, Josue fixed my heater when I needed it- conveniently at my house- so I could take my family camping. Payment thru Venmo and having the repair done while I was at work was so convenient for this working single mom. Thanks so much, you've earned my repeat business!

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