Our Team


Operations Manager

Meet Nina, our dedicated Operations Manager at United Fleet Maintenance. With a background in business finance, Nina seamlessly manages various aspects of our operations, from fleet management to member invoicing and top-notch customer service. Her versatile skill set ensures the smooth functioning of our business, making her an invaluable member of our team.

“As your dedicated Operations Manager, I believe in going the extra mile to ensure our members not only receive service but truly experience excellence. Your satisfaction is our priority. I invite you to explore the possibility of a tailored fleet management plan crafted specifically for your business and budget. I am here to help you navigate every step of the way with expertise and personalized attention.”

Nina Ceja, Operations Manager


Field Service Department Lead

Our Field Service Department Lead Alejandro has been serving Northern California for over 15 years. Troubleshooting and turning wrenches on a wide variety of equipment including large and small earth moving equipment that include forklifts, farm tractors, on highway trucks and trailers, and towable equipment. His experience ranges in troubleshooting equipment from electrical, hydraulics, and drivability issues combined with his time managing fleets has been a key asset to our members and team.

“ Every fleet relies on up time and efficiency. I believe in systems, clear, and timely communication along with well kept and written documentation to keep our fleets operating at peak performance. 

I’m committed to studying and understanding our member’s fleets and creating tailored plans that will increase productivity in the long run. “

Alejandro R. Martinez, Field Service Lead


Head Chef Mechanic

Meet Josue, our Head Chef Mechanic, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of hands-on experience in the realm of heavy equipment and diesel engines. Josue’s journey in the world of mechanics has been a testament to his dedication and proficiency. His mechanical prowess extends to a diverse array of vehicles, ranging from fire trucks and school buses to earth-moving equipment and RVs. This extensive background has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate workings of varied machinery, making him a true maestro in his field.

“At United Fleet Maintenance, we understand that behind every business fleet lies a commitment to excellence. As your Head Chef Mechanic, I bring not just technical expertise but a dedication to ensuring that your equipment or vehicles are more than machines—they’re reliable assets powering your success. Trust us with your fleet, and let’s embark on a journey of precision, where every maintenance task is a pledge to keep your business moving forward seamlessly.”

Josue Cardenas, Head Chef Mechanic

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